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Solar Hybrid Technology Introducing New Thermal Solar Collector with Double the Power
New features including continuous sun tracking system without any moving parts

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Intersolar North America 2018, Booth #9116 – Solar Hybrid Technology Corp. is showing off their new products, with international patents and patents pending. The new products use reflective mirror to increase the sunlight and double the power of the solar collector. Visit our website at:

Solar Hybrid Technology new features:

  • No broken lamps when shipped anywhere in the world
  • Protected against hail and snow. Self-cleaning for max efficiency
  • Easy to install, less real estate and less structure and construction cost
  • Different lamps and coating options
  • Options with insulated hot water tank or heat exchanger
  • The tank, lamps, reflector and base are all in one unit and there is no need for elevated cold-water tank
  • 20 square foot of absorber area with reflector from the bottom and the top and with continuous direct and indirect sunlight all year around
  • Latitude adjustment base and the focal point moves along the lamps with the change of seasons

The new products are all stainless steel and used for residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Solar Hybrid Technology products are for high temperature application and it is used for distillation, hot water, swimming pool, heating and air conditioning.

Solar Hybrid Technology solar collectors offers double the efficiency with higher temperature, less real estate and less cost.

About Solar Hybrid Technology

Over 30 years in engineering and solar energy research and manufacturing.

We are taking orders for our new products and looking for investors and distributors in the US and internationally.

Please visit our website and make your order at or e-mail us at

SOURCE Solar Hybrid Technology

For further information: Alan Fakih, (303) 359-5170