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5K Watts of Heat Dissipation in a Modular Format
Baknor releases their design for a high performance, compact, liquid cold plate with a reduction of 23% in size, 20% in weight and 18% in cost.

TORONTO, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- If you are faced with high watt densities and air-cooled heat sinks are inadequate, liquid-cooled cold plates offer an ideal high-performance heat transfer solution alternative.  Baknor have developed various solutions that improve performance, essential for effective operation of your energy storage and power electronic requirements in all climates.

Contact Baknor to have them develop your custom heat dissipation solution for your battery packs and power electronics.  There is no cost for the custom development, in the form of a rebate when production orders are shipped.  From small volume / high mix requirements to high volume requirements, Baknor provides the most cost effective custom solution in the industry. Liquid cold plates can be engineered to perform with diverse coolants, including water, water/glycol solutions, dielectric fluids, oils and synthetic hydrocarbons (PAO).

With the use of micro machining many channels in a limited space and friction stir welding the aluminum top to bottom, Baknor was able to design a custom cold plate that allows up to 5KW of heat dissipation in a modular format.  The customer's significant challenge to resolve included the need to uniformly dissipate a significant amount of heat in such a small space.  The result being a reduction of 23% in size, 20% in weight and 18% in cost.

Baknor's custom liquid cold plate and assemblies are designed specifically for each application's unique needs, both thermal and mechanical.

About Baknor
Baknor's extensive knowledge of cooling systems weighs various tradeoffs and factors such as functionality, volume, mass, cost, packaging, manufacturability, efficiency, and the reliability and safety of heat dissipation components. This includes power electronics, motors, control electronics, fuel cells and battery packs.

Baknor is also developing complex solutions that include advanced materials such as graphene.  This has allowed customers to achieve crucial engineering challenges in various applications.

Products and designs include:
Heat Sinks,
Liquid Cold Plates,
Phase Change Cooling, Heat Pipe Assemblies, Vapor Chambers
Forced Convection,

For very small, very limited space and lower power dissipation,:
Graphene Film Heat Sinks,
Very Thin Extrusion Liquid Cooling Plates With Phase Change Cooling.

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