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Transformerless DC Storage Beats DC & AC Coupled Efficiency
Sol-Ark 8K uses innovative new design to yield 97% CEC efficiency in 48V solar inverters

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Bring your questions to the Intersolar Innovation Stage Thursday July 12th at 12:30PM as we compare the strengths and weaknesses of DC / AC / Transformerless DC storage solutions.

DC Coupled storage connect the inverter and charge controller via the 48V battery. Their large transformers create good Off Grid peak power but at the expense of 12% conversion losses.

AC Coupled systems connect the battery and string inverter through the 240V AC power lines. This brings the On Grid losses to 4%, but Off Grid loss still remain near 12%.

Transformerless DC Coupling combine the string inverter and battery inverter using internal or external 400V busses. The losses can be 4% On Grid and 5% Off Grid. Not all Transformerless DC designs are the same. Sol-Ark 8K achieved 97% CEC efficiency. See a side by side specification comparison of Sol-Ark 8K, Tesla, Outback, Magnum, Pika, Solar Edge, and Darfon.

Texas Based Veteran owned Sol-Ark: An American Engineering Company

Battery Based Solar. Made Simple


For further information: Bhawna Oberoi, 214-538-7412,